Judicial Branch Commission On The Katahdin Counsel Recognition Program

Type: Commission, Judicial Branch
September 1, 2011
October 7, 2011
Associate Justice Jon D. Levy
Reports to:
Supreme Judicial Court
Completion Date:
December 31, 2013

  1. Commission Established:
    The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court hereby establishes the Commission on the Katahdin Counsel Recognition Program. The membership will represent a practice and geographic cross-section of the Maine Bar. At least one member shall be employed by an organization providing legal aid services in Maine. The Project Director of the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project shall serve as a standing member. An Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court shall serve as the Court's liaison to the Commission.

  2. Duties:
    The Commission shall meet at the call of its Chairperson. It shall provide input and leadership in the launch of the Katahdin Counsel Recognition Program, and shall advise the Judicial Branch regarding the successful operation of the Katahdin Counsel Program in all relevant areas including:
    1. The initial launch of the program.
    2. The development of the program's official seal, and the rules governing the use of the seal by participating lawyers.
    3. The development of the reporting system for participating lawyers.
    4. The establishment of events to recognize participating lawyers.
    5. The development of a communications strategy to publicize the program, the importance of pro bono publico, and the ways in which participating lawyers have benefited civil justice in Maine.
    6. Such other matters that, in the opinion of the Commission, should be addressed to ensure the success of the program.

  3. Commission Duration:
    The Commissioners shall serve until December 31, 2013. The Supreme Judicial Court may extend the life of the Commission if it determines that the circumstances so warrant.

Dated: October 7, 2011

Approved by: Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley
Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Judicial Branch Commission On The Katahdin Counsel Recognition Program

Ralph I. Lancaster, Jr., Esq, Pierce Atwood LLP, (Commission Chair)

Associate Justice Jon D. Levy, Maine Supreme Judicial Court (Judicial Liaison)

Thomas A. Berry, Esq., Thomas A. Berry, PA (Boothbay Harbor)

Virginia E. Davis, Esq., Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau, & Pachios, LLP (Augusta)

David J. Fletcher, Esq., Fletcher & Mahar PA (Calais)

Nan Heald, Esq., Executive Director, Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Juliette Holmes-Smith, Esq,. Director, Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project

Kerry Clark Jordan, Esq., Griffin & Jordan, LLC (Orono)

Taylor Kilgore, University of Maine School of Law Class of 2013 (Auburn)

Mary Ann Lynch, Esq., Government and Media Counsel, State of Maine Judicial Branch

Barbara L. Raimondi, Esq., Trafton & Matzen, LLP (Auburn)

Charles W. "Walter" Smith, Esq., Smith & Elliott (Saco)