Continuing Professional Education for Guardians ad Litem

Topics for Continuing Professional Education Credit

Rostered guardians ad litem (GALs) are required to complete six hours of approved continuing professional education annually. Approved topics include one or more of the core training topics. See M.R.G.A.L. 2(b)(2)(B) for the detailed list of approved topics for continuing eduction credit. Core training topics include the following:  

  • Title 18-A, 19-A, and 22;
  • Dynamics of domestic abuse and its effect on children;
  • Dynamics of separation and divorce and its effect on children;
  • Child development;
  • Timing and impact of court-related events from a child perspective;
  • The effects of abuse, neglect and trauma on children
  • Substance abuse;
  • Mental health;
  • Family finance and the impact of separation and divorce;
  • Legal issues and processes;
  • Professionalism as a guardian ad litem;
  • The duties and obligations of the guardian ad litem as an agent of the court; and,
  • Interviewing techniques.

Professional Education Credit

At least one credit hour every year shall be primarily concerned with professionalism education (M.R.G.A.L. 10(a)(1)). Qualifying topics in professionalism include professional responsibility as a GAL; legal ethics related to GAL work; conflicts of interest; diversity awareness; confidentiality of GAL records; communication with parents; and complaint avoidance topics such as file management and billing practices.

Reporting Continuing Professional Education Credits

Rostered GALs are required to provide a report to the Guardian ad Litem Review Board annually of the course, title, date, location, sponsor, and number of credit hours of all courses taken for credit during the preceding calendar year, or carried over from a prior year. See M.R.G.A.L. 10(b) for more information.