Moving Forward Program

454 Houlton Road, Easton, Maine 04740
Tel: (207) 488-6657

An educational program for parents focusing on children's feelings and needs through the separation / divorce process.

What is the Moving Forward Program?
This program will provide education about children and what parents can do to create a safe and nurturing environment to meet their children's needs. It will:

  • help parents better understand the effects of divorce on their children;
  • promote understanding for parents about the needs of their children;
  • help parents learn what they can do to help their children recover from the divorce and feel good about themselves;
  • provide an environment for parents to learn problem-solving skills;
  • provide an opportunity for parents to talk with other parents who are going through a similar experience.

Why the Moving Forward Program?
Divorce is a process over which children have no control. In many situations, children become the victims. When parents are under stress, it is harder to be in touch with their children's pain and anguish. Also, parents may attend to adult problems first while their children's problems are on hold. It takes time, effort, and planning on the part of parents to be able to provide for children's needs.

Who Should Attend the Moving Forward Program?
The Moving Forward Program is open to all parents and step-parents with minor children. We request that parents attend separate sessions. However, parents with new partners and step-parents are encouraged to attend together. Child care is not provided. We request that you arrange for child care off-site.

What is the Program Like?
This program consists of 5 hours of education. Facilitators are experienced in parent education and child development. The program format consists of presentation of information, discussion, videos, role-plays, and a panel of other parents, grandparents, law professionals, etc.

How Much Does the Program Cost?
The program costs $60.00 per individual of $90.00 per couple for the 5-hour training. Pre-payment is required. This fee includes the cost of all materials, a certificate of completion, and beverages and snacks. Lunch is not provided.

How Do I Register?
Pre-registration is required. Walk-ins are not permitted. Anyone can be referred by the court, lawyers, or themselves. You may download and print a Registration Form (PDF) to register for the Moving Forward Program. You must mail your payment in prior to the date you want to attend.

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