Law Court invites amicus briefs on
the effect of a foreign country's divorce decree
on a pending Maine divorce action


The Maine Supreme Judicial Court, sitting as the Law Court, invites briefs of amici curiae on the issues presented in the appeal of Denise K. Lynch v. Daniel G. Lynch, Law Court docket number Sag-16-100. The issues involve whether the Maine District Court erred in (1) extending comity to a Swedish court's order on Daniel Lynch's petition for divorce there and (2) dismissing Denise Lynch's complaint for divorce as moot because of the Swedish court's order.

The Law Court invites amicus briefs on the issues raised by the parties' briefs. The parties' briefs are linked to above.

An amicus brief may be filed by or on behalf of any individual, entity, or group of individuals and/or entities without separate leave of the Court. 2 Any amicus brief must be filed on or before September 2, 2016. An amicus brief must be filed at the address listed below, and must comply with M.R. App. P. 7(c), 9(e)(1), and 9(f). In addition to filing and serving the required number of copies, any amicus must send a copy of the brief electronically, as a single "native" or text-based .pdf file, to

Dated:  August 5, 2016

Matthew Pollack
Clerk of the Law Court
205 Newbury Street Room 139
Portland, Maine  04101
(207) 822-4146