Ordering Transcripts

The first step in ordering a transcript is to complete a transcript order form. You will need to fill out CV R-165, Transcript Order, if you are paying with private funds. You can obtain a transcript order from any clerks’ office or download the form the link above. The transcript order form is the same for both civil and criminal cases in either Superior or District Court.

In order to complete a transcript order form, you will need the following information:

  1. Whether the matter is from Superior Court or District Court
  2. The name of the case and Docket Number
  3. The type of hearing requested to be prepared (for example, hearing on a motion trial, sentencing, plea, arraignment, or motion to suppress)
  4. The names of any attorney(s) present
  5. The date of the hearing
  6. The Tape and Index Numbers associated with your case.
  7. The correct address where the transcript will be sent

Pro se litigants or attorneys representing indigent clients who are requesting transcripts to be paid at the state's expense will need to complete form CV-R-166, Motion for Transcript at State Expense. For more information please review M.R. Civ. P. 91.

If you need help completing your transcript order form, please contact the clerk’s office where your matter was heard or the Office of Transcript Operations and Projects. Once the form is completed, send the form to the clerks’ office in the court where your case was heard. (A list of district court clerk’s offices can be viewed from this link and all superior court clerk's offices can be viewed at this link). The form should not be sent directly to the Office of Transcript Operations and Projects, as it needs to be docketed in the court where your case was heard. For a listing of clerk’s offices, see:

After submitting your form, you will receive a notice of estimated costs and an estimated completion date. The Office of Transcript Operations and Projects accepts cash, money orders, bank certified checks, credit cards, and attorney firm checks.

Please note that no work will begin until payment for the transcript is made. The Court is unlikely to extend a deadline in your case if you failed to obtain a copy of your transcript because you failed to make payment.