The original version of this Guide was the work of Associate Professor William H. Coogan of the Department of Political Science, University of Southern Maine. Professor Coogan gratefully acknowledged the prior draft of Marcy A. Kamin-Crane as well as the efforts of Susan M. Madsen and Gloria Penney, interns with the Administrative Office of the Courts in the summers of 1983 and 1984, and their supervisor, Debra E. Olken, who was the Policy and Analysis Officer and Human Resources Director at the AOC.

Editorial supervision of the original project was the responsibility of a committee of the Maine Judicial Council consisting of Murrough H. O'Brien, Esquire, Secretary of the Council; the late Hon. David G. Roberts, Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court; and L. Kinvin Wroth, then Dean of the University of Maine School of Law.

Nancy R. Chandler, Executive Director of The Maine Bar Foundation at the time, and Virginia Wilder Cross of Working Words, helped transform the Guide from manuscript to its initial printed form.

Updating, conversion and revision to a form appropriate for posting on the World Wide Web was accomplished in 1997 by the Electronic Distribution of Information Team under the auspices of the Administrative Office of the Courts. Team Members were Hon. Susan W. Calkins, Chair; Timothy Brooks; Judy Bennett; Pat Champagne; James Chute; Scott Clark; James Erwin, the late Ulrike Gaynor; Hon. John David Kennedy, and John C. Sheldon, former District Court judge. Lynda Haskell also provided valuable editorial contributions. The Internet version was revised in May 2002 by Hon. Robert E. Mullen, Deputy Chief Judge of the District Court, and the Administrative Office of the Courts, and again in 2004 by the Hon. Donald G. Alexander, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Christie L. Clifford, Judicial Secretary, Laura M. O'Hanlon, Administrative Law Clerk, and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

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