Standing Order For Limited Access to Juror Information


Standing Order For Limited Access to Juror Information (PDF)

Pursuant to 14 M.R.S.A. §§ 1254-A and 1254-B, requests for juror information by an attorney, the attorney's authorized agent[1], or an unrepresented party for the limited purpose of preparing for and participating in voir dire in a case scheduled for jury trial are GRANTED, as follows:  

1. The person making the request is authorized and permitted  

  1. To review all requested juror information at the Clerk's office;
  2. To receive a copy of the list of juror names, but not the juror questionnaires, from the Clerk's office, which list shall not be further copied; and
  3.  Where applicable, to disclose the juror information to the attorney who will try the case and to the attorney's authorized agent. 

2. Every person to whom juror information is disclosed or disseminated under this Order  

  1. Shall maintain the confidentiality of the juror information;
  2. Shall use the juror information only for the limited purposes of preparing for and conducting voir dire examination in this case;
  3. Shall not disclose or disseminate or permit the disclosure or dissemination of any juror information, except as specifically authorized by this or any subsequent court order; and
  4. Shall return all written juror information to the Clerk's office at the end of the trial or the earlier disposition of the case(s). 

3. This order may be modified, vacated or terminated as to any person at any time with or without notice by any justice of the Superior Court.  

4. The Clerk shall provide a copy of this order to the person making the request for juror information, and that person shall be responsible for assuring that everyone to whom the person discloses or disseminates the juror information is fully aware of all of the provisions of this Order and of 14 M.R.S.A. §§ 1254-A and 1254-B.  

WARNING:  A violation of this Order or of 14 M.R.S.A. §§ 1254-A and 1254-B may result in the imposition of sanctions or other legal consequences.  

Dated:   August 25, 2006                                                   

s/ Thomas E. Humphrey                                                                                                                                

Thomas E. Humphrey
Chief Justice, Superior Court

1. For the purposes of this order an "attorney's authorized agent" means a paralegal, an investigator or other person hired by or in the employ of the attorney and subject to the attorney's supervision and control.