Board of Bar Examiners

The Board of Bar Examiners was created by the Supreme Judicial Court under 4 M.R.S. section 801 for the purposes of designing, administering, and passing judgment on examinations taken by those individuals seeking admission to the bar.

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Membership Roster

Updated: 4/29/22

Terms expire 12/31/2022
Tracy B. Collins, Esq. (Secretary)
Marianne Tarraza, NP (Treasurer)

Terms expire 12/31/2023
Kai McGintee, Esq.
Paul H. Mills, Esq.

Terms expire 12/31/2024
Jennifer Nichols Ferguson, Esq.
Andrew F. Wisch, PhD, ABPP

Term expires 12/31/2025
Chris MacLean, Esq. (Chair)

Term expires 12/31/2027
John P. Gause, Esq.
Alison Tozier, Esq.

Executive Director
Melissa K. Hansen

Supreme Judicial Court Liaison
Associate Justice Catherine Connors