Guardian Ad Litem Review Board

The Guardian ad Litem Review Board is an independent unit within the Board of Overseers to administer the regulation of GALs as defined in the Maine Rules for Guardians Ad Litem. The Board is comprised of twelve members: eight rostered GALs and four public members.

Related website: Guardian Ad Litem Board (Information on the work of the GAL Review Board and links to materials, including a GAL Complaint Form, and continuing professional education for GALs.)

Membership Roster

Terms Expire September 1, 2021:
Public Member
Malcolm Dow, Hollis Center (first 4-year term)

Term Expires November 14, 2021:
  GAL Roster Member
  Vice-Chair Armanda Beal Day, Esq., Bangor (1)

Terms Expire September 1, 2023:
GAL Roster Members
Kenneth Altshuler, Esq., Portland (2)
Christopher Leddy, Esq., South Portland (2)
Chair Diane Tennies, Ph.D., LADC, Bangor (2)

Public Member
Lisa Bryant, Falmouth (2)

Terms Expire 2024:
  GAL Roster Member
  Erin C. Clough, Esq., Freeport (1)

Public Members
Karen K. Mosher, Ph.D., Manchester (1)
Jill E. Powers, Randolph (1)

Terms Expire September 1, 2025:
  GAL Roster Members
  Elizabeth (Libby) McCullum, Esq., Augusta (1)
Michael Dixon, Esq., Portland (1)
Joyce Mykleby, Esq., Calais (1)

Associate Justice Andrew M. Horton, Judicial Liaison

Updated: December 7, 2021