Judicial Education Committee

Type: Standing
Established: August 12, 2013
Revised: April 11, 2018; February 25, 2020
Co-Chairs: Justice Stephen D. Nelson; Judge Peter Darvin
Report date: As requested
Reports to: Supreme Judicial Court and Trial Court Chiefs

I. Purpose:
The Judicial Education Committee is established to administer continuing judicial education (hereinafter, “CJE”) opportunities for Maine’s Judiciary. The responsibility of the Committee is to organize, develop, and present CJE programs that are relevant to the public’s need and effective in providing tools and education to support excellence in judging and access to justice.

II. Membership:
The Judicial Education Committee will include two Superior Court Justices, two District Court Judges, and one Family Law Magistrate. A Supreme Judicial Court Justice shall serve as liaison. The Chief Justice will designate the Chairs. The Supreme Judicial Court shall appoint members to a term of three years, subject to reappointment to a second term. The appointment of a member filling a vacancy on the Committee shall begin a new three-year term.

III. Meetings:
The Judicial Education Committee will meet on a schedule established by the Chairs and approved by the Committee. The Judicial Education Committee will meet in person at least twice each year.

IV. Reporting:
The Judicial Education Committee will report to the Supreme Judicial Court and the Trial Court Chiefs as requested by the Chief Justice.

V. Administrative Assistance
The Chair of the Judicial Education Committee will receive the assistance of the Administrative Office of the Courts as necessary and available.

VI. Committee Duration:
The Judicial Education Committee will be a standing committee of the Judicial Branch until otherwise ordered by the Chief Justice.

Dated: February 25, 2020

Approved by: Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley

Maine Supreme Judicial Court


Membership Roster

Until January 24, 2023
Superior Court
Justice Bruce C. Mallonee (Co-Chair)
Justice Stephen D. Nelson

District Court
Judge Peter Darvin (Co-Chair)
Judge Barbara Raimondi

Until March 28, 2022
Family Law Magistrate Lindsay Cadwallader

Supreme Judicial Court Liaison
Associate Justice Thomas E. Humphrey

Administrative Assistance
Stephanie Foglio, AOC, Employee Relations Specialist

Updated March 15, 2021