How May We Help You?

The Judicial Branch helps direct you, the public, to the information and services you need. Please note that Judicial Branch employees cannot provide legal advice or interpretations of law.

Please review these "frequently asked questions" to determine which office can best answer your questions.

  1. Somebody is threatening, hurting, or harassing me, what should I do?
    If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1. Otherwise, please refer to the Guide to Protection from Abuse and Harassment Actions.

  2. Who do I contact for information about a pending court case?
    You will need to contact the Clerk of Courts where your case is pending; most often this will be the Clerk of the state court nearest to where where you live. If you have the docket number, please provide it to the Clerk, as this will allow the Clerk to access the information more quickly.
  3. Who do I contact if I have a question about a case on appeal to the Supreme Court/Law Court?
    If you have a question about a case on appeal to the Law Court, please contact the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court at 207-822-4146.

  4. I need certain forms. Where can I find them?
    All free forms are available online at All other forms can be obtained at the Clerk's Office.

  5. Who do I contact if I need an interpreter?
    Contact the Clerk's Office where your court case is pending.

  6. Who do I contact to request accommodations for my disability?
    For assistance with accommodation requests, contact the Clerk of Courts where the proceeding will take place.
  7. I need to come to court, but I have a service animal. Who should I contact about my situation?
    If you have questions pertaining to service animals or you have questions about whether your animal qualifies as a service animal, please contact the Civil Process and Court Access Manager at 207-822-0716 or at

  8. Who can I speak with regarding Court Security?
    For questions about Court Security, contact 207-287-5519. If you have a specific question related to court security at a particular courthouse, you should call the Clerk's Office within the Court directly with your questions. A list of all court locations is available

  9. Who do I call if I need to post bail for someone?
    Bail is first set and collected at the jail where a person is being held after arrest. If you have questions about a specific bail situation, you should contact an attorney and/or the jail. The Maine Department of Corrections maintains a list of the county jails at this link

  10. Who do I call if I need a copy of my criminal record?
    Criminal Records can be obtained through the State Bureau of Identification at 207-624-7240 or visit

  11. How do I pay a traffic ticket?
    You may pay your Maine traffic ticket online with a credit card, or pay over the phone by calling, toll-free, 1-866-PAY-Tixx (1-866-729-8499). For more information on Traffic Court please visit,

  12. Where can I find legal information for tenants and landlords?
    Resources for Landlord/Tenant Law in Maine can be found at

  13. I need a copy of court transcripts. Where should I call?
    If you have questions about court reporting or court transcripts, please contact the Office of Transcript Production at 207-991-6322. More information about Transcript Production is available at

  14. What is Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (CADRES) and to whom should I speak with about it?
    For information about CADRES, please visit our ADR page For specific information about the services or to get more information about mediation, contact 207-822-0706.

  15. Who should I contact for information about foreclosure mediation?
    For questions about foreclosure mediation, please call 207-822-0706. For more information about the Foreclosure Diversion Program visit

  16. Who can answer a question about assigned counsel vouchers or becoming a court-appointed attorney, who can help me?
    Please call Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services (MCILS) at 207-287-3257 for more information or visit

  17. Who can I speak with regarding court facilities?
    Contact the Office of Court Facilities at 207-795-4884.

  18. How do I obtain a copy of a Court record?
    To obtain a copy of a court record (such as a divorce degree or a judgment) you must contact the Court in which the case was heard. For a list of courts please visit,

  19. Who do I contact about an information request?
    Contact the Court Communications Manager at 207-592-3846 or Please note that Judicial Branch employees cannot provide legal advice or interpretations of law.

  20. I need information for a news story and/or I would like to request a speaker for an event. Who should I contact? All media/communication requests should be made to our Government & Media Counsel at 207-592-5940. A speaker request can be made online at

  21. Where can I find information about employment, volunteer opportunities, and clerkships available within the Judicial Branch?
    For current employment, volunteer opportunities, and Clerkships, please visit our website at

  22. I have a complaint about a judge. Who should I contact?
    Complaints about judges are investigated by the Maine Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability. Please go to for more information.

  23. I have a complaint about an attorney. Who should I contact?
    Complaints about attorneys are handled by the Board of Overseers of the Bar. For additional information, please go to

  24. I need to find an attorney. Who should I call?
    Visit our web site for information about legal service providers in Maine.

    The Maine State Bar Association provides a service the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. That service allows individuals to talk with a lawyer for a 1/2 hour for a small administrative fee of $25. Please contact the Maine Bar Association at 1-800-860-1460. For more information, visit

  25. I need to contact the District Attorney in my area. Where can I find their contact information?
    A list of contact information for each District Attorney can be found by visiting

  26. I'm still unsure which office to call to address my particular concern. Who should I contact?
    If you have an issue not addressed by one of the questions above, please call the Administrative Office of the Courts at 207-822-0792.