Accessibility for People with Disabilities FAQs

Does the Judicial Branch have a policy on access for people with disabilities?

Yes. The Judicial Branch adopted a policy in 2000. To review the policy please click here.

How do I request accommodations for my disability?

Requests for accommodations by court users may be made to the clerk of court where the proceeding will take place or to the assigned judge, family law magistrate or mediator.

The Accommodation Request Form is available from the clerk of court. It may also be downloaded and printed. The form may be emailed to, mailed to AOC, PO Box 4820, Portland, ME 04112-4820, submitted to the clerk of court or to the assigned judge, family law magistrate or mediator.

Can I bring an animal into Judicial Branch Facilities?

No. Pets or other animals are not permitted in the public areas of Judicial Branch facilities unless they are service animals. The State of Maine Judicial Branch welcomes your service animal in our public areas. We recognize that accommodation needs vary and that service animals perform a variety of functions. For more information, please review the Judicial Branch Guide to the Use of Service Animals.

Who do I contact if I feel I've been treated unfairly?

You have the right to file a grievance if you asked for an accommodation from the court system for a disability and you do not think that decision followed the Policy On Access For People With Disabilities. Read the Judicial Branch's Grievance Procedure for Disability Accommodation here.

To seek a review of an accommodation decision by a court employee who is not a judicial officer, you should submit your grievance in writing.

Please use the Grievance Form for Disability Accommodation. In your grievance, preferably on the grievance form, you should explain in writing:

  1. what the decision was, 
  2. the date the decision was made, 
  3. the person who made the decision, and 
  4. why you think the decision was wrong.

You must send your grievance to the Court Access Coordinator at the Administrative Office of the Courts, P.O. Box 4820, Portland, ME 04112–4820, or you can email it to:

If you are not able to follow the grievance procedure due to a disability, please contact the Maine Court Access Coordinator at 207-822-0718.

IMPORTANT: The Judicial Branch must receive the grievance within 21 calendar days after the decision.