Foreclosure Diversion Program Information for Potential Mediators

What is the Foreclosure Diversion Program?

The Foreclosure Diversion Program was established by the Maine Legislature in 2009 as set forth in 14 M.R.S. § 6321-A. Its purpose is to assist homeowners and lenders in achieving mutually agreeable resolutions to mortgage foreclosure actions through the diversion process. Only mortgage foreclosure actions on certain owner-occupied residential property located within the State of Maine are eligible for mediation in the FDP.

What are the responsibilities of a Foreclosure Diversion Program Mediator?

FDP Mediators are expected to conduct mediation sessions with homeowners, lenders, and their representatives to address all issues of foreclosure. The issues include, but are not limited to: proof of ownership of the note and any assignments of the note; calculation of the sums due on the note for principal, interest, and any costs or fees; and possible reinstatement of the mortgage, modification of the loan, and restructuring of the mortgage debt.  Mediators are expected to know about mortgage assistance programs.  Mediators are also responsible for completing and submitting financial forms and court-created mediation reports, which involve the use of word processing, spreadsheets, and database programs.

What is required to become a mediator in this program?

All persons eligible to be certified as mediators in the FDP shall:

  1. Be educated and experienced in the professions of law, real estate, accounting, banking, or mediation; have work experience that includes foreclosures, credit and collections work; or have done work on behalf of creditors or debtors in actions to collect on mortgages, notes, or debts;
  2. Have successfully completed orientation provided by the Foreclosure Diversion Program;
  3. Have received a certificate of qualification to serve as mediators from the Foreclosure Diversion Program subject to such terms and conditions as deemed appropriate; and
  4. Have a laptop computer that is compatible with court printers for use at all mediation sessions. In the alternative, mediators may use laptops or other portable computers and portable printers.

How do I apply to be a mediator?

The Foreclosure Diversion Program is not recruiting new mediators at this time. If you are interested in receiving a recruitment notice in the future, please contact the FDP at (207) 822-0706 or by email at

Whom may I contact if I have questions about this program?

If you have questions or suggestions about the Foreclosure Diversion Program, please contact: Laura Pearlman, the Foreclosure Diversion Program Manager at (207) 822-0706 or by email