Supreme Court Oral Argument Schedule & Summaries

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Maine Supreme Judicial Court
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Caution: This schedule is subject to change. The case synopses are prepared for the convenience of the public and are not to be construed as statements of the court.

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Monday, March 4, 2019
Cumberland County Courthouse, Portland
  9:50 a.m.   Yor-18-299   State of Maine v. Peter L. Robbins

Attorneys: Thaddeus W. West, Luke S. Rioux

Summary to be announced 

  10:40 a.m.   Ken-18-174   State of Maine v. Raymond P. Wright

Attorneys: Tyler J. LeClair, Jeremy Pratt, Ellen Simmons

Summary to be announced

  11:30 a.m.   And-18-313   Wilmington Savings Fund Society v. Matthew J. Needham et al.

Attorneys: Catherine R. Connors, John J. Aromando, Nicholas A. Danella, John D. Clifford, IV, Ryan P. Dumais, Brett R. Leland, Jonathan M. Dunitz

Summary to be announced

  1:30 p.m.   Cum-18-154   Carrie B. Anderson et al. v. Barry K. Mills et al.

Attorneys: Jed Davis, John S. Whitman, Heidi J. Eddy

Summary to be announced

  2:20 p.m.   Yor-18-293   Estate of Michael R. Cannon

Attorneys: Jill S. Cramer, Christopher R. Causey, David P. Mooney

Summary to be announced


Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Cumberland County Courthouse, Portland
  9:00 a.m.   Cum-18-445   Estate of Carol A. Kennelly v. Mid Coast Hospital

Attorneys: Travis M. Brennan, Taylor A. Asen, Philip M. Coffin III, Abigail C. Varga, Karen Frink Wolf, Rachel M. Wertheimer

Summary to be announced

  9:50 a.m.   And-18-311   State of Maine v. Abdiaziz Hussein

Attorneys: Michael B. Dumas, Rory A. McNamara

Summary to be announced

  10:40 a.m.   Oxf-18-294   State of Maine v. Matthew C. Reed-Hansen

Attorneys: Joseph M. O'Connor, Rory A. McNamara

Summary to be announced

  11:30 a.m.   And-18-275   State of Maine v. Michael G. Cunneen

Attorneys: Andrew S. Robinson, Michael B. Dumas, Rory A. McNamara

Summary to be announced

  1:30 p.m.   Som-18-194   State of Maine v. Luc W. Tieman

Attorneys: Leane Zainea, Leanne Robbin, Clifford B. Strike

Summary to be announced