Order Transcript Online

Order transcript now (this link will bring you to the escribers web portal)

The Maine Judicial Branch (MJB) is pleased to announce that customers planning to file an appeal can now order their transcript online via a full-service client portal. The portal is available 24/7 and is owned and operated by eScribers, the MJB’s vendor for transcript production.

Once your order is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from eScribers with all the details of your transcript request. If you are filing an appeal, simply file a copy of the email confirmation along with your notice of appeal at the trial court.

The online site offers the customer the following benefits:

  • Transcript costs remain the same and there is no cost to use the portal.
  • The portal provides the customer with the ability to access and securely download all previously purchased transcripts.
  • Through the portal, the customer can view all paid and outstanding invoices and easily process secure online payments.

To access the portal on eScribers’ website, please click on this link: https://escribers.net/newportal/
NOTE: This is the second phase of online transcript ordering and is only available to customers who are paying for all costs associated with their order. Orders for customers who have been authorized by a judge to have a state paid transcript will be part of this system at a later date.