Avangrid Networks, Inc., et al. v. Secretary of State et al.

(CMP Corridor)

The Maine Judicial Branch has set up this web page to post information on the appeal of Avangrid Networks, Inc., et al. v. Secretary of State et al. We have prepared this page to ensure full access to the media and the public without compromising the litigants' right to a full and fair proceeding. It is our goal to accommodate the media and the public to the best of our abilities. All public documents (documents that are non-confidential and not sealed) will be available on this page, and will not be provided by the clerk's office, except to government agencies. Please check this web page often for updates and documents related to the case.

The Court will hold an oral argument on this appeal on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. The argument will be a remote video conference and will not take place at a courthouse. The audio will be streamed live on the Court's livestream page, and the recording will be available soon after the argument on the same page.

Case Name: Avangrid Networks, Inc., et al. v. Secretary of State et al.

Law Court Docket Number: Cum-20-181

The documents below are in PDF format.

Non-Confidential Filings and Orders:

Counsel of record:

For Avangrid Networks, Inc.:

John J. Aromando, Esq.
Jared S. Des Rosiers, Esq.
Joshua D. Dunlap, Esq.
Sara A. Murphy, Esq.
Pierce Atwood LLP
Merrill's Wharf
254 Commercial Street
Portland, Maine 04101

For Maine State Chamber of Commerce:

Gerald F. Petruccelli, Esq.
Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow, LLP
Two Monument Square, Suite 900
PO Box 17555
Portland, ME 04112-8555

For Industrial Energy Consumer Group:

Sigmund D. Schutz, Esq.
Preti Flaherty
PO Box 9546
Portland, ME 04112-9546

For the Secretary of State:

Phyllis Gardner, Esq.
Thomas A. Knowlton, Esq.
Office of the Attorney General
6 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0006

For Mainers for Local Power and nine Maine citizens:

David Michael Kallin, Esq.
Elizabeth A. Mooney, Esq.
Adam R. Cote, Esq.
Drummond Woodsum
84 Marginal Way, Suite 600
Portland, ME 04104

For Nextera Energy Resources LLC:

Christopher T. Roach, Esq.
Roach Hewitt Ruprecht Sanchez & Biscoff, PC
66 Pearl Street, Suite 200
Portland, ME 04101-1110


Media Contacts

Members of the media who require assistance may contact Amy Quinlan, Esq., Director of Court Communications Government and Media Counsel at (207) 822-0716 or amy.quinlan@courts.maine.gov.