State of Maine v. John D. Williams

The Maine Judicial Branch has set up a web page for posting of information in the case of State of Maine v. John D. Williams. We have prepared this page to assure access to the media and the public without compromising the litigants' right to a full and fair trial. It is our goal to accommodate the media and the public to the best of our abilities. Court orders and certain other public documents will be posted on this site.  Documents that are sealed or confidential will not be posted.  The file, without sealed documents, will be available for view at the Cumberland County Court Clerk's office upon request. Please check this web page often for updates and documents related to the case.

Case Name: State of Maine v. John D. Williams

Docket Number: CUMCD-CR-2018-2275

The documents below are in PDF format. In order to open the documents below, you will need the a current version Adobe Reader. You may download the free version of Adobe Reader at

Important Non-Confidential Filings:

State's Attorneys:
Lisa Marchese
Leane Zainea
Office of the Attorney General
Criminal Division
6 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

Defendant's Attorneys:
Patrick R. Nickerson
Verne Paradie, Jr.
Paradie & Rabasco, PA
217 Main St. Suite 400
Lewiston, ME 04240

Courthouse: Cumberland County Superior Court
Courthouse Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday

Cameras and Audio Recording in Courtrooms
Maine has strict rules about whether or when cameras are permitted to be used in the courtroom, and in every case, the presiding justice may impose additional conditions to assure a fair trial. Such additional conditions may include, pooling of cameras.

Information about cameras and audio recording equipment is available in Administrative Order JB-05-15 ( A. 9-11).

The form to request audio or camera coverage can be found below:
Media Notification -- Requested Coverage of Court Proceedings (Fillable PDF)

This is a new form to be used by members of the media who are requesting media coverage in District or Superior court proceedings. All forms should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the proceedings to the Clerk of Court office that is handling the case. In order to open the form, you will need the a current version Adobe Reader. You may download the free version of Adobe Reader at

Electronic Devices: Administrative Order JB-05-16 (A. 5-08) Use of other electronic devices, such as a laptop, tablets and smart phones is prohibited without the consent of the judge.
No telephone calls please.

Interviews: No interviews may be conducted inside the Courthouse, and entrances are not to be blocked.

Decorum: Recording personnel shall wear appropriate and neat attire consistent with participation in matters of serious concern. Neither the camera nor the recording personnel shall have any insignia or other indication of organizational affiliation. The use of any electronic device in the courtroom is prohibited without the written consent of the presiding justice. Place all cell phones in vibrate or silent mode. Violators will be removed from the courtroom.

Media Contacts

Members of the media who require further assistance can contact Elaine Clark, Esq., Director of Communications, Government & Media Counsel. Ms. Clark may be reached at (207) 822-0716 or via email at