Maine Judicial Branch Speakers' Bureau

The Maine Judicial Branch Speakers' Bureau provides an opportunity for judges and administrators to make presentations at public functions such as: chamber of commerce meetings, service clubs and organizations, community action groups and schools.

Neither the Judicial Branch nor its' judges and administrators accept compensation or honoria for these appearances as they are offered to the community as part of the Judicial Branch's commitment to public access.

Please be advised that judicial officers are expressly prohibited by the Maine Code of Judicial Conduct from discussing specific cases or rulings.

Requests for a speaker are only accepted by emailing with the information below. All requests must be be made 30 days in advance of the meeting. Then the Court will confirm the engagement and finalize details of the presentation. The group or organization is responsible for providing all necessary equipment and technical assistance.

Items with an * are required.

  1. Name of Organization*
  2. Purpose of Organization*
  3. Contact's Email*
  4. Organization's Website (if applicable)
  5. Date of Function*
  6. Time of Function*
  7. Location of Function*
  8. Length of Speech*
  9. Anticipated Audience Count*
  10. Requested Topic (if any)

Please email this information to with the subject line "Speakers' Bureau."