Members of the public, regardless of vaccination status, must wear an approved face covering or mask while inside a courthouse or other Judicial Branch facility. Those who cannot enter as a result of this protocol should call 207-753-2999. See PPMO-SJC-1, revised on August 16, 2021.

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Supreme Judicial Court

The Supreme Judicial Court's major job is to decide appeals on questions of law that arise in civil actions and criminal trials. Questions of law are presented to the Court when a case is appealed from a trial court. In its appellate capacity (as interpreter of the laws), the Court is called the Law Court.

District & Superior Courts

Maine's state principal courts are the District Court, where lesser criminal offenses, civil actions, and family law matters may be tried; the Superior Court, where almost all civil and criminal matters may be tried.

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Family Division

The Family Division handles a variety of cases involving families and children in District Court including divorce and family separation, child protection cases, juvenile cases and more.

Business & Consumer Court

The Business and Consumer Court, also known as the BCD, is a statewide court that handles selected business and/or consumer cases. 


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Court's Response to COVID-19

During this public health emergency, we pledge to do all we can to keep our employees and the public that come to the court healthy and safe. See Maine Courts Response to COVID-19

Traffic Violations

The Violations Bureau handles traffic tickets for the entire State of Maine through a centralized process. Traffic violations are non-criminal offenses also called traffic infractions.

Treatment Courts

Maine treatment courts provide intensive, community-based, court-supervised treatment and strict accountability for eligible individuals with serious substance use and/or mental health disorders who are involved with the criminal justice or child protection system.