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Filing Instructions & Opt-In Form

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a strain on the courts’ resources and on attorneys and their practices. In addition, the mail service has slowed considerably in the state. In an effort to expedite resolution of pending matters and provide timely access to justice, the Supreme Judicial Court will allow attorneys to submit certain documents to the courts using ShareFile, a secure online file transfer platform.

The ShareFile pilot was deemed a success in York County Courts and was expanded to Hancock, Washington, Aroostook County Courts and Cumberland County Courts. On July 5, 2022, ShareFile will be expanded to include all courts statewide.

Filings by attorneys in criminal, civil violation, and juvenile cases will be accepted.

Filings may continue to be submitted in person or by U.S. mail.


Instructions for each step in the ShareFile process—(1) how to sign up for ShareFile; (2) how to log into ShareFile; and (3) how to upload pleadings, may be found by clicking on the links to the Google documents below. Please note: instructions may be revised or updated; use the Google document links each time.

Step 1: Submit the Opt-In Form for Filing Through Citrix™ ShareFile. The clerk's office will email an invitation to upload files for the appropriate ShareFile folder.

Step 2: Login to ShareFile. See ShareFile Login Instructions

Step 3: Upload Documents to ShareFile. See Filing Documents with the Court using ShareFile

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Email questions and completed Opt-In Form to