Phased Management Plan

Face masks are not required to enter a courthouse or other Judicial Branch facility. Please be advised certain areas of a courthouse, such as small conference rooms, may require masking. Please see PPMO-SJC-1.

Final Addendum / Discontinuance of Phased Management Plan
Issued June 1, 2021

Final Addendum / Discontinuance of Phased Management Plan (PDF)

The State of Maine Judicial Branch issued its COVID-19 Phased Management Plan on May 27, 2020, in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic that had engulfed the country and rendered normal judicial proceedings impossible. The Plan provided five sequential phases based upon the ability of the Judicial Branch to modify its procedures, resources, and facilities to operate at maximum levels while protecting the public and Judicial Branch personnel.

The Judicial Branch reached Phase Five, the final phase of the Plan, in late 2020 as COVID-19 infections began to increase at alarming rates. An Addendum was added to the Plan indicating that full implementation of Phase Five was to be held in abeyance indefinitely until conditions improved.

Containment procedures and the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines have produced a marked reduction in the incidence of infections. The Centers for Disease Control have recommended reducing or eliminating many of the previously existing curtailment measures.  The Governor has rescinded many of those measures to the point where the courts can move briskly toward a return to full operations.

Accordingly, the Phased Management Plan no longer serves any purpose under present conditions, and is hereby concluded, and all provisions therein are rescinded.

Read the COVID-19 Phased Management Plan (Version 8: Issued May 6, 2021) No longer in effect as of June 1, 2021