Live Stream

The Supreme Judicial Court provides live audio streaming of all of its oral arguments, and video streaming of high-profile cases. In addition, recordings of the arguments are available for approximately two weeks after the arguments. If you experience problems watching or listening to the stream, please email so that we may determine if there is a technical issue or a common problem for listeners that we can address. Please include information on what device you were using to listen (PC, Mac, iOS, or Android) and, if on a PC or Mac, what browser you were using.


Live Streaming

The live stream will be active only while the Court is in session and on the bench. The schedule of the Court's next oral argument session, with a summary of the issues in each case, is on the Court's Calendar page.

The stream for each argument will begin approximately five minutes before the argument is scheduled to begin, but will be muted until the Court takes the bench. To watch or listen to the stream, use the player below. The player has controls that allow you to watch or listen on YouTube and to make the stream fullscreen.


New Video Streaming

We are now streaming video of the Court's arguments. We hope that you find the video useful. If you have any comments or suggestions about the video stream, please email us and let us know your thoughts.


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The recordings of arguments are available on the recordings page shortly after the day of argument.